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More than 45 years of experience in Transport en Logistics!


Reliable, Fast, Efficient, Qualitatively, Professional, Flexible and Advantageous !

Marine Allround Service is an allround Logistics service provider. Through us and our extensive network you can arrange all your shipments quickly and reliably in Western Europe. During our transports safety and fast correct handling centrally Rijnmondgroep is happy to help you with your transport at competitive rates, wether it concerns a package, ship delivery (on-board) pallet or full wagon load. Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.

We are specialized in ship deliveries

It may seem simple, a delivery on a ship, but it can cause a lot of hassle, especially in shipping. For example, the search for carriers takes time, possibly registering

For access to the terminal and keeping an eye on the arrival, departure and portstay of the ship. also you can unintentionally pay too much afterwards. We take care of all measures to be taken and are specialized in managing the fast, efficient and careful delivery of your valuable shipments on-board, but of course we also do this for all other transport. We have more than 45 years of experience in transport and logistics and are specialized in all necessary procedures such as registration for access terminal, monitoring, contact with the agent, and correct handling of the papers.


We also own all the necessary software such as ship2report, alfapass (Prean) vessel trackers, etc.

Information about our extensive additional services can be found in Services in the menu.


With us you will only experience pleasant surprises afterwards. We have extensive networks throughout Western Europe!

With our experienced people we can arrange transport by car, with the rowers, a barge but if necessary also small valuable emergency shipments accompanied by plane up to and including delivery at the final destination.


We are also in possession of the necessary materials and certificates regarding the transport ADR (under 1000 points)

View detailed information regarding ADR transport here.


After receiving your order, we usually have a car on the desired within 30 minutes (and often faster) address to get started right away for you! When your shipment is on its way, we will take a good look at this kept by means of track & trace and, if necessary, you will be informed directly from the location about any delays or waiting times so that you can possibly intervene yourself and no misunderstandings arise afterwards. And if you want to know something quickly, you will also get an answer right away, so never ... "he is out of place for a while" he can call you back in no time" or "it's a lunch break he'll call you right back, just immediately the information you want as it should, because efficient steering and working quickly is our top priority!


Marine Allround Services (Rijnmondgroep) ....... always well arranged !