Services and additional Services

  • Ship monitoring regarding ETA, portstay and ETD
  • Registering the driver for acces to the terminal
  • Account for ship2report dirkzwager R'dam and A'dam for registrations.
  • Marine traffic account including alerts and more
  • Contact with the agent, control room and security
  • Exclusively fixed access passes for some terminals   for quick access.
  • Constant control on board so that the delivery or  pickup is much faster and you save costs!
  • If necessary, scan the signed packing slip on site immediately after delivery and email it to you.
  • deliver a ship on the buoy? ... we arrange the entire process.
  • Delivery at the anchorage? can be done.

Our response time is approximately 30 minutes, but often earlier.

When it comes to on-board delivery, we can take care of the entire process, including registering with the agent and terminal.

We also keep an eye on the ships regarding ETA, PORTSTAY and ETD. We are in close contact with the agents, the Rotterdam port service, the control rooms and security of the terminals.

If requested we also take care of the necessary customs formalities.

We have fixed access cards for some terminals so quick access is guarantied.




If there is a ship at the buoy, we can deliver or pick up your small shipment alongside by use of the rowers. We will arrange everything for you with them. We can even arrange deliveries on ships anchored at sea!

Deliveries to the buoys are prepared and planned by us, the rowers are booked and the captain is informed in advance through  the agent. This way of working allows us to guarantee you a fast and efficient transfer. 

we charge a surcharge for deliveries to the buoys

Almost every day Transport from Rotterdam to the north of the Netherlands and Germany

Daily transport on: 

Belgium - France - Spain - Italy and Germany

Almost every day Transport <> Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland


Are you looking for transport to Scandinavia? Then you have come to the right place!


Rijnmondgroup is a logistics partner that is able to offer you a suitable customized solution to transport your goods to Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland.

We can provide additional services by taking care of the customs formalities for transports to and from Norway.

We have daily departures to almost all of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In addition, we offer our customers an extra service with destinations in Northern Norway and Northern Sweden.


Destinations such as:

Norway: Alta, Hammerfest, Narvik, Tromso, Honningsvag, Bodo, Mo I Rana, Mosjoen, Kirkenes, Vardo, Vadso, Kautokeino

Sweden: Kiruna, Gällivare, Lulea, Pitea, Jokkmokk, Kalix, Karlsborg, Skelleftea, Östersund etc.


- Groupage transports
- Share loads
- Complete loads
- Cooling, Freezing and Thermo Transports
- ADR-goods

                                                              By plane with onboard couriers.

Do you want to have your small shipment transported by plane as soon as possible?

With the Onboard Couriers van Rijnmondgroup you are assured of the fastest delivery. Shipments that must be 100% sure to arrive at the final destination in a short time are delivered personally by our Onboard Couriers to the desired destination. This way we provide you with the best service in the shortest amount of time.




What are Onboard Couriers?

Our Onboard Couriers are specialized in shortening the delivery time. For other shipments, you depend on flight times and handling times. This is not the case with our Onboard Couriers. Immediately after placing your order, they will go to collect your parcels and travel directly to the designated address or ship


Why are Onboard Couriers interesting?

Some shipments must arrive at their final destination within a specified time. You don't want to risk late deliveries. Our Onboard Couriers board the next flight. The shipment is personally taken to its destination. When time is of the essence, Onboard Couriers are the right choice


Advantages of Onboard Couriers

You are assured of the fastest possible delivery. The shipment is delivered personally. You know exactly where your shipment is located. Upon arrival you will receive a direct delivery notification from our courier. we arrange everything from collection to delivery.


Why us?

With us as a logistics specialist you are at the right place for efficient transport. We keep the shipment process as short as possible to provide you with the best possible service.

Your shipments can be delivered to the door or onboard.

We take care of all preparations.