Cars and equipment

Ford Transit connect extended


Space for 2 euro pallets  1.10m height

1,93m length x 1,22m width x 1,10m height  

(flat 2,12m long, not higher then 20cm)

max. weight 650kg

All cars have been extended and equipped with a tow bar.


Space for 3 euro pallets

305 x 135 x 160 - max 1140kg

Closed and open Trailers 6m

     Iveco with tailgate and side loading

      Space for  8 europallets or 6 blokpallets

      4,35 x 2.10 x 2.20 max 1000 kg

      max weight tailgate 700 kg 

                 Iveco with tailgate

                     Space for 4 europallets

                     3m length x 1,30m width x 1,70m height   

                     max. weight 1500kg

                     This car is also equipped with a tow bar

                     and can load pallets up to 800kg. per Unit


      Transporter L2

      Space for 2 europallets of 2 blokpallets

      2,05 x 1,22 x 1.30 max 750 kg

       Iveco extended

         Space for 4 europallets 

         4,70 x 1,25 x 1,75  max. 1000kg